Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Will they or won't they?

There are now almost 150 houses at Villas Andrea*. Even if we discount the holiday homes, that still leaves a substantial number of people eligible to vote in the Municipal Election on May 26th. Probably enough to tip the balance between the parties**.

Although there are more Spanish speaking residents than there were originally, there is still a large caucus of English speakers who are eligible to vote.

The question is, will any of the four parties that are standing produce a manifesto in English and will any of them organise a meeting for us?

If my memory serves me correctly, in 2007 it was just the Socialists and Joaquin Moya who took the trouble to hold a meeting at La Pedrera. In 2011, Raul Medina made a presentation at La Pedrera and Aurelio Murcia called a meeting at the Centro Social Integrado. Then in 2015 the present Mayor invited us to a meeting in Darren's Bar opposite the Health Centre and Aurelio held a meeting in an office on Calle Purisima. To be fair, by 2015 the numbers attending these meetings had dwindled to just a handful defeating their purpose. 

Still, there are a substantial number of votes to be won (or lost) making some form of presentation be it a meeting or a leaflet in English surely worthwhile.

*By my reckoning, there have been 5 new houses occupied since the Urbanisation was completed by Star Sol and three more that are in the process of completion.
** It took just 360 more votes for the PP to gain control in 2015.

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