Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Voting this weekend

As you are no doubt aware, Sunday, 26th May is yet another polling day here in Spain. This time we are being asked to select both a local council and representatives to the European Parliament.


You should have received cards in the post that tell you where your polling station is and which table you should go to. In our case, we will be going to the Auditorium Francisco Grau, Mesa C.

Polling stations will be open from 9am to 8pm and there will be people there to guide you to the right room.

How to vote

You will likely have received envelopes with voting papers in them from the main parties*. These will either have been delivered to your door or put in your letterbox.

Pam and Teresa, as candidates for the PP, have been round to most of you by now. If you missed them though or they missed you, I'm sure there will be papers available for you at the meeting this Thursday in the Restaurant Camping La Pedrera at 9pm.

The blue envelopes and papers are for the European election and the white ones are for the local election.

The papers for the Partido Popular

You can either use these to vote or you can pick up envelopes and papers at the polling station, it is up to you.


A passport is the most acceptable form of identity for those of us who do not have a Spanish DNI card but you could take your Spanish driving license instead. The important thing is that the document has a photograph and it MUST NOT be a photocopy.

Unless you are determined to make a protest vote, please make sure you have the appropriate voting papers in the envelopes and that you have not written on them. Put them in the right boxes and you are done.

Whilst you are down in the town, why not pop along to the Parque Huerta del Cura and find out what the Hawaii Market is all about.

* Remember, you are not voting for a particular person, you are voting for a party. The number of seats that each party will win will depend on the percentage of votes they receive. 

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