Saturday, May 04, 2019

Worse that I thought

Speaking to a neighbour who lives on Calle Alemania, it seems that the issue with low water pressure is more extensive that I originally understood it to be.

There have been many visits by the water company to Calle Alemania to repair leaking pipes and as a result, the pressure is now lower than before. I'm told that the pressure drop is not sufficient to cause a problem with showers but definitely is lower than it was.

Another neighbour, who I believe lives on Canada de Andrea,  told Pam that the pressure in their house was variable, some days it would be just a trickle and other day it would be really high.

No doubt, there will be meetings before the local elections for us to have our say. I am sure that those affected by issues with water pressure will take the opportunity to make their concerns known. Hopefully, the political parties will then take note and pass on the grievances to the water company. 

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