Friday, April 24, 2015

A noticeable improvement

On Monday, 16 agricultural workers began cleaning up areas around the town. Their work will continue until July 20th. From what I have seen so far they are doing an excellent job, the children’s play area on our estate looks so much better now that they have cleared all the weeds.

Cynical people may say that the clean up is just for the elections but that is not entirely true. The route up to La Pedrera is cleared up every year in preparation for San Isidro. Of course, we would like to see the area cleaned on a more regular basis and not left until it looks a disgrace but the fact is that there just isn’t the money in the coffers to do that. Once a year is better than not at all.

The other thing you may have noticed is that the drains around the town are being cleaned. That should make them more efficient when we next have a heavy downpour.

However, we still have a problem here at Villas Andrea though because the storm drain that runs alongside Calle Le Vegan empties out onto the road at the park, Whenever we have heavy rain, the road floods with a tide of yellow water. Basically, the drain needs to be continued down the road to the collector at the crossroads.

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