Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The latest scam

The Spanish Ministry of Finance has issued a warning this week over fake emails that are being sent to people asking for bank details in order to reimburse money collected through taxes.
The emails state that the recipient has been chosen for a repayment, with a description in Spanish such as “han sido elegidos para el reembolso de una cantidad de dinero por impuestos”.

The Ministry has stated that under no circumstances would they send emails asking for bank or credit card details, but the fake messages are convincing on account of the scammers using similar forms to the ministry and accompanying logos.

They have stressed that any return of income is made by established legal procedures by the Tax Agency and is done personally, to the individual or their representative, and never through this method, so vigilance is required in the event of receiving such a communication.

With so many fake emails and internet scams around, it is important to verify the source of the message before submitting personal details. Official institutions and banks NEVER ask you to send details in this manner, but if there is ever any doubt, you should contact them, by telephone or in person, before submitting details.

The ministry has already submitted a file of evidence to criminal investigators relating to this particular case.

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