Thursday, April 23, 2015

My own opinion

I have to say that I was mightily impressed by the PP candidate for the post of mayor. She came across as someone who cares passionately about her town and genuinely wants to make improvement. Clearly well educated and successful, Teresa Maria Belmonte has (in my opinion) the right credentials to lead the town for the next four years. She also speaks in Spanish that is understandable!

I was also impressed by Samantha who took the time and trouble to visit us and explain many things that we needed to know. After the meeting, she followed one of our neighbours to Villas Andrea to see for herself the issues that people spoke of.

Of course, we need to see the proposals of the other parties before deciding who to vote for and each person will have to decide for themselves what they feel is best for the town.

As Samantha pointed out though, we need to be wary of ending up with no overall majority on the council because that would mean four more years of inaction. A protest vote may be appealing to some but it won’t help us to make progress in the town.

Whoever eventually wins, I would like to thank both Teresa and Samantha for taking the time and trouble yesterday to meet with us.

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