Monday, April 13, 2015

Coming good

If there is ever a good time to find form during a football season, it is at the end. So many times we have seen teams succeed at the start of the season and then fade away towards the end. It happened last year for Liverpool when they came close to winning the league only to falter towards the end. It looks like the same is true for City this year. Last year’s champions have only won four games in the last 15 and look perilously close to losing a top four spot this year.

On the other hand, belief at United is gaining strength. Whilst Van Gaal’s early experiments with different formations frustrated some supporters, the knowing ones understood that he had work to do finding the right combination of players to fit his strategy.

Those experiments have now started to pay off and hopefully will continue the success for the team. You know, on their current form and self belief, I would not be surprised to see them beat Chelsea in their forthcoming match. 

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