Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First off the mark

We might be fewer in number now but the Brits who are living here still have a say in which party will win in the forthcoming elections.

The PP (Partido Popular = Conservatives) have passed on invitations to the Brits living here to attend an informative meeting on Wednesday 22nd April at 4pm in the Bar La Terraza (Darren’s bar opposite  the Medical Centre).

They have also kindly provided us with proposal sheets to fill in so we can make suggestions about anything we would like to see happen in our town.

Their candidate for mayor, as I have said before is Teresa Maria Belmonte and so it is she that will be addressing the meeting. I can’t say whether Teresa speaks English or not but no doubt there will be an interpreter available.

I don’t want “to teach grandmothers how to suck eggs” * but it would be sensible to phrase any questions that you have in simple English. Remember that, even when Spaniards can speak and read English, it is still their second language.

* a quaint English expression for my Spanish readers which means you don’t insult people by telling them how to do something they already know.

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