Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some changes

First off all the bank. Apart from copies of our passports, La Caixa now also require documents to show proof of our address e.g. a utility bill and our source of income in Spain i.e. P letters showing our pensions.

I am guessing this is Spain catching up with the need to ensure that foreign residents here have the means to support themselves and therefore do not become a burden on the state. If you recall, Pam and I had to have proof of income and proof that we were registered for health care before our residents permits were issued.

The other change is in European law. It now seems that you can no longer leave your estate solely to your spouse when you die. From August, your children have an automatic right to 2/3rds of your estate. However, since Britain has not adopted this change, you can prevent this problem occurring by having your will amended to state that it will follow the law of your nationality rather than the law where you are resident. 

Living in Spain is a lot more complicated than it was when we first came here, first the requirement to file a return showing your assets abroad and now these changes. Annoyingly, it seems that the only way to find out these things is to pick up one of the English free papers or be told by someone like me. 

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