Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The second time

Yesterday was the second time that we have lost our internet connection with Telefonica in just over a year. On both occasions the connection simply went down and only returned the following morning. Why this should have happened and how it came to be restored overnight is a complete mystery to me.

Whilst I am glad to have my connection back on, I would like to know why this occurred and what steps I should take if or when it happens again.  I should also like to know if any other users on our estate were affected i.e. was it just my connection that was lost or did others suffer the same fate.

This is like the brief power cuts that we suffer from time to time, the lights dimming in the house or the water pressure that drops. They are all indications of problems with infrastructure that should not occur in this day and age. I understand that equipment can fail and that age can take its toll but surely not with the regularity that we seem to experience. In any case, our estate was only started in about 2003 and the telephone lines came much later in 2005/6 – the infrastructure is hardly ancient but it is creaky!

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