Saturday, April 04, 2015

Good Friday in Orihuela

It would not be Good Friday (Viernes Santo) without a parade to watch. The Friday parades are the longest of the ones that take place at Easter but well worthwhile.

Although all major towns and cities have these parades we tend to go to the ones in Orihuela most followed by the ones in Torrevieja which we have seen three times.

I’ve yet to find the best location for photography though. I don’t want to use flash so I am looking for natural light either daylight or street lights. I also would like an interesting background free from advertising, shops, traffic lights etc. For the last couple of years we have found seats on Calle López Pozas but it is not the ideal location because the available seats face the shops and the street lights are on the opposite side meaning I am working with backlight all the while.

For next year we will maybe try and get seats on Calle Colón Zen just the other side of the old bridge. There are some interesting looking buildings on the corner of Calle Colón Zen and Calle López Pozas  that should make for good photos.

In the meantime, you can see my pictures from last night at

Tomorrow, you have the chance to watch the Encuentro in Bigastro. This is the moment when Mary meets her son Jesus and discovers that he has risen from the dead. For those of you who are interested, you need to be down outside the church at 7am sharp.

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