Friday, October 23, 2009

and the winner is….

image Jorge Hernandez is the winner of the competition for the best photograph from “the Footpath of the Poet” with this picture entitled “Hernandiana Ascent”.

Each year about 2,000 people walk the route from Orihuela to Elche and obviously this presents some great photo opportunities for the participants.

The winning photographs will be exhibited in the towns along the route. In the meantime Jorge has scooped the 1,500 prize for his effort.

Although I would have loved to have taken that photo, I would not have enjoyed climbing up that hill to get it.

Getting those pictures of the huerta yesterday was enough of an effort for me. When I set off along the road from the roundabout to the river it was a pleasant warm day following the early morning downpour. By the time I reached the canal, the wind was blowing strong into my face. When I got back home to process the results, the gusts were reaching gale force turning a few pots over in our garden.

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