Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The new quota system

The Valencia government has finally approved a new quota system that will grant thousands of expats, mainly early retirees, access to the public health system here in Spain.

Last Friday, September 25, the regional cabinet approved the decree (Decreto 149/2009) that establishes a quarterly payment of 270 euros per person under the age of 65.

According to the decree of approval, the new system should come into effect on October 29, a month after its publication in the DOGV official regional bulletin (6112, 29/9/2009).

Residents who are currently registered under the old scheme, such as those who have SIP cards with the word 'DEMAND' on them, have 20 days from November 1 to apply to join the new scheme without having to present any supporting documentation (padrón/residence certificate).

Any new applicants will also be able to apply from November 1 but will need to present the supporting documentation requested by the Valencia Regional Health Authority.

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