Sunday, October 18, 2009

A touch of nostalgia

IMG_0148a For a colour version go to my Flickr album.

The area of the Pedrera is a favourite spot for me to visit and take photographs. It is an area of natural beauty right on my doorstep.

You might suppose that I'd get bored visiting the same place time and again. but I don't because changes of light and viewpoint constantly create new images for me to record.

For these photographs, I chose to shoot in black and white. When I first started with photography, all my pictures were black and white. I developed the films and printed the negatives myself. There was a certain kind of magic about watching the image appear in the developer dish. In the world of digital photography, I can keep my hands clean, avoid the pungent smell of fixer and get the same results.

Of course, my digital cameras record the world in colour but they also work in black and white. When you strip away colour from a landscape, all that is left are the textures and the tones. Recording in black and white makes me think about photography the way I used to do forty years ago - back to my roots as they say.

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Maz said...

Beautiful photographs. I love black and white photography it somehow seems more real, if you know what I mean.