Monday, October 12, 2009

Dave does DIY

Some people love DIY, some do it out of sufferance and others simply hate it.

Laura's boyfriend Dave has had very little experience of DIY jobs about the house. However, since they now own their own home, he is now having to get his hands dirty.

There were a number of jobs lined up for me to help Dave with on this visit. I think we have covered most and I am sure Dave will finish off the ones we left when he has the time.

This is Dave sanding down the bathroom walls.

At some point the bottom of the wall had been tiled. Having removed the tiles, the previous owner had not made the walls good. So, having filled in all the bumps and dents for him, I left Dave to sand the walls flat and paint them.

Although the paintwork will need a second coat, it already looks a whole lot better than it did.

Even though Dave did a very good job, I don't think he will be looking to take up DIY as a hobby just yet!

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