Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A clever ruse


Now this is clever. This  email, which I have just received purports to come from the Agencia Tributaria and informs me that, according to their calculations, I am due to a tax rebate of €164.50.

The rebate will take 10 working days to process once I have clicked on the button which takes me to their site.

The web address of the link is so clearly phoney as is the email address they have used. The most obvious clue though is that they don’t know my name.

No doubt, if I clicked on the link,  they would require my bank details in order to process the rebate and within double quick time I would be penniless.

Forget all those bogus scares about Budweiser frog screensavers = this one is for real. If you receive on of these emails treat it like the ones that supposedly come form banks - bin it.

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Pete said...

Oh yes. In the past three days I've had about twenty five emails all purporting to come from HM Customs & Excise about underreported income. Each one has had the appropriate treatment.