Thursday, October 22, 2009

World wide recognition

The hospital at Torrevieja has been recognised by Microsoft as having the most successful implementation of the IT giant’s tools for managing  costs and efficiency.

The system at Torrevieja goes well beyond the recording systems at other public hospitals. All parties concerned;  relative, doctors and managers can interact with the clinical history of the patient. From the moment a patient enters the hospital, the system monitors their progress. If a patient is not dealt with in the recommended time, the manager responsible  receives an SMS. Similar messages are sent to the doctor when the results of tests are available and to relatives following work in the operating theatre.

Microsoft make this award on an annual basis to the project which they judge to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. For the hospital at Torrevieja to be judged as having produced the best IT solution world wide is a great honour.

I don’t want to rain on their parade but last week when I went down there to sort out my appointment, the lady in reception was complaining that the computer system was very slow and had in fact just crashed and rebooted.

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