Monday, October 26, 2009

It’s all about money

Next year being the 100th centenary of the birth of the poet Miguel Hernandez, there have been moves to try and return his legacy of manuscripts, letters, books, photographs, paintings, personal press articles, records, pamphlets and other objects to Orihuela in preparation for the celebrations.

The Hernandez collection has been in that care of Elche since 2002 under a seven year agreement with his family. They are kept at the Centro Hernandiano de Estudios e Investigación, created for this purpose in the Capilla de Orden Tercera de San José and an annexe. Elche has fulfilled its agreement to catalogue, digitise and create a research centre for the work of the poet but now the agreement has ended, the family of the poet want over two million Euros to allow Elche to keep the material.

Orihuela has already indicated its willingness to make a bid and negotiations between the family and Elche to keep the work there are at a low point. Although Elche would like to retain the artefacts, that is a lot of money in these times of economic crisis.

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