Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It couldn't last

You just knew the mild weather wouldn't last in Manchester. After a few days where the sun broke through on occasions, today it is raining.

Thankfully Jemma, Laura and I were able to get most of the DIY jobs that Laura and Dave had lined up for us completed. The new bannister is painted as is the doorstep, the bathroom walls are sanded and filled. We fitted in a few other little jobs as well. Both daughters worked hard putting their old man to shame.

Today, Pam and I are off to the Wirral for a few days to see her father and stay with Hugh and Angela.

Hugh and Angela live opposite the house we had in Greasby so it is always interesting to go there and see what the new occupants have done to our old home. Quite a lot as it happens such that we hardly recognise it.

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