Thursday, October 29, 2009

The appointment that was, then wasn’t then was again.

Pam registered with the oncologist at the local hospital for continued monitoring following her breast cancer nearly six years ago. After her first consultation, the oncologist decided he wanted a mammogram, a chest x-ray and a blood test to check the state of play before his next meeting with her.

Pam got appointments for the blood test and the chest x-ray but needed to make one for the mammogram. No problem, a quick visit to the Vega Baja would sort that out and it did. Pam got a phone call the other day giving her an appointment for 8:30am this morning. Then within an hour she got a further call to say that it would not be possible to fit her in today. No problem, Pam doesn’t like early morning appointments anyway. Hopefully they would find a more civilised time to see her.

That was not to be. This morning, I got up at 8am and was just scouring through the local papers to look for something to write on my blog when the phone rang. It was the lady from Vega Baja hospital who wanted to speak to Pam. Pam wasn’t awake at that ungodly hour and didn’t really want to have a conversation in Spanish but the lady insisted on speaking to her.

It turned out that, in fact Pam could have a mammogram this morning and could she come straight away.

A quick cup of tea later, we were in the car. As it turned out, we needn’t have rushed because it was over two hours later that Pam’s turn came to be seen. Fortunately, they were able to do the chest x-ray at the same time otherwise we would have had to return to the hospital this afternoon for that appointment. Two visits to the hospital in one day would have been too much.

Tomorrow, Pam has an appointment at 8:40 for the blood test. That will be the second early morning on the trot for her which is not good! Thankfully this should only happen once a year so Pam will have time to recover.

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Pete said...

Blimey, for a response time that good I'd be there at bloody 6am!

I hope she gets over it quickly. :)