Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The war continues

IMG_0015 The war that has been going on between the leader of the PP party in Bigastro, Aurelio Murcia and his ex partner, Ginés Ruiz Sánchez continues. The one time friends and companions are now sworn enemies as a result of the crisis in the construction industry. The fact that they live opposite each other doesn't make matters easy.

Murcia had his house on Calle Irlanda built by Star Sol whilst they were completing Villas Andrea. By anybody’s standards it is a luxury villa, on a prime plot, with uninterrupted views of the Vega Baja and the mountains beyond.

When the partnership between the two became fraught, the question of ownership of the house was brought into question. A for sale sign was painted on the wall indicating that Ruiz, who I understand was the major partner in the company, had every intention of selling the property.

Then on the 13th March 2008, under the direction of Ruiz, a truck removed the driveway gate to the house. In the process Murcia suffered an injury to his foot and so denounced Ruiz for assault. Ruiz says that Murcia must have mistook the people who removed the gate for thieves. He claimed they were removing the gate for repairs. The gate has subsequently been put back but has to be opened and closed by hand.

On the 7th April, Ruiz denounced Murcia claiming that he was paying the mortgage of 1,300,000 € with a term up to 2026. On the 23rd May, Ruiz stopped making mortgage payments. Murcia has had to make the payments himself to prevent an embargo on the property.

In the meantime, the electricity and water to the house were disconnected under the instructions of Ruiz who claimed to be paying the bills. Murcia managed to get the electricity reconnected only to find it cut off permanently a few days later. Murcia now has an electricity supply via a diesel generator.

Yesterday, Ruiz denounced Murcia again, this time for illegal occupation and for misappropriation of furniture and fittings worth 149,282€ which were paid for by the company Star Sol. The house, which is claimed to be worth 2,000,000€ is owned by Andrea Villas, a subsidiary of Star Sol and had been gifted to Murcia.

What happens next is anybody's guess.

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