Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bigastro on the tele

The plague of mosquitoes that hit Torrevieja appeared on the national news last night. On the weather channel Meteo, there was an item about the problem along with a video showing a lady whose legs were covered in bites. That item was followed by one about the rain that affected us yesterday, Orihuela and Bigastro were specifically mentioned – the first time we have heard Bigastro mentioned on national television.

Mosquitoes are usually associated with the summer months but of course can breed at any time of year if the conditions are right. They need still water and warm weather. Following the heavy rains there are lots of pools of water left behind which are ideal breeding grounds for these insects. The high temperatures last week proved to be the trigger that set off a breeding frenzy of the mosquitoes that are native to salt lakes. As it happens this species will bite at any time of day and produce a very nasty reaction as hundreds of torreviense will testify.

The zones in Torrevieja most affected by the mosquitoes were El Acequión, Torreta Florida, Torreta II and III, Punta de la Víbora, Baños de Europa, Torrealmendros, El Limonar and San Luís.

Whereas, the company that are spraying to eradicate the larva and adult insects can work effectively on public property. they have no access to private land. On the affected urbanisations there are bound to be untreated swimming pools or empty pools with just rainwater in them. Even a bucket or a planter with an inch or two of water can become a breeding ground for the larva. Eliminating the current plague of mosquitoes totally is therefore not possible.

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