Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thwarted by the sun

Nobody likes to visit the beach when there is a a barrier of seaweed between the sand and the sea. That is the problem that swimmers are complaining about on the beaches at Torrevieja. The summer temperatures we are experiencing at the moment and the fact that the sea is still warm means that people want to bathe and don’t want to wade through seaweed in the process.

Normally the beaches are cleaned every day but the plan for this year was to leave them during the winter months to try and solve the problem of loosing sand. The hope was,that by leaving the seaweed on the beaches during the cold months of the year, they could protect them from the surges that occur during autumn and winter that wash the sand away.

Seaweed also provides other beneficial effects: it oxygenates the sand and at the same time disinfects it with the iodine that it produces.

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