Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not again

Missing one hospital appointment was bad enough; missing two was almost inexcusable. This time though it definitely wasn’t my fault.

I got a call before we left for England to say that, following my appointment at Torrevieja, I had an appointment this morning at Vega Baja. We arrived at Vega Baja in good time; just as well because I struggled to find somewhere to park. 

When I asked at the hospital’s reception desk, I was told my appointment was in the radiology department. However, at the radiology department, they had no record of my appointment so back to reception. This time, they decided that my appointment was actually at Torrevieja. Ah well, maybe I misunderstood the lady on the phone. A quick trip to Torrevieja was obviously required.

We hotfooted down to the hospital at Torre only to be told there was no record of an appointment there. Cómo es extraño.

I can only conclude that whoever phoned me hadn’t booked the appointment into the system. I will have to see what happens next. For the moment the photograph of my heart will have to wait.

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