Thursday, October 15, 2009

It is not just me that has a Plan B

It seems that the newly installed fixed radar tracking system that is meant to help catch drug smugglers and illegal immigrants has experienced some teething problems.

The four fixed radar stations along the Alicante coast which cost 8.3 million Euros to install failed to detect a zodiac inflatable in the first 24 hours of operation.  The boat, which was found on the beach at Torrevieja, was thought to have carried several tonnes of marijuana.

Last week five small boats, used to carry illegal immigrants were found on the Alicante coastline. These had also been missed my the new system.

The company responsible for the installation are now carrying out extensive checks to find out why the system failed. In the meantime the Guardia Civil officers who worked the older mobile units have been recalled to work on the fixed radar stations in the hope that their experience will help improve the detection of suspect boats. 

It is claimed that early morning fog has made it difficult for the surveillance cameras to spot the boats. Now, I might be wrong, but I thought that was the point of using radar.  

PS I have a decent pair of binoculars I can lend them.

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