Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plane crashes

You often hear small planes flying over the area and wonder what they are doing. We know that the little yellow plane is spraying insecticide but what about the others. Some fly very low and sound as though they are just about keeping up in the air.

One of those light aircraft didn’t make it. The plane crashed into a tree at La Marquesa finca off the CV-940 near Los Montesinos on Wednesday afternoon. It was thought that the pilot was trying to land his plane. One witness said he saw the aircraft going up, it then turned and fell in a spiral to the ground.

This is the second fatal plane crash in the area within two months. A 50 year old pilot and his 75 year old passenger were killed when their plane crashed at Pinar de Campoverde in August. The pilot, on this occasion, was flying low to allow his passenger to photograph houses.

Just so long as they stay clear of my house, these people can fly wherever they want. The last thing I need is a plane crashed in my pool.

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