Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leave your balls at home

I’m sorry but I just cannot take the game of football seriously. In my opinion, the ludicrous transfer fees and the antics of some of the fans just beggars belief.

This latest story just confirms my feelings for the “beautiful game”.

Liverpool football club have sold out of the £10 "Beach Set" and will search Manchester United supporters for any offending items, including beach balls, before Sunday's Premier League clash at Anfield.

The club's online store has experienced a rush on the "Beach Set" package following Darren Bent's winning goal at Sunderland on Saturday, when his shot struck a Liverpool-crested beach ball and ricocheted beyond goalkeeper José Reina. United supporters are suspected of being behind the increased demand for Liverpool beach products, with a "tribute" to Bent's goal planned but risk having them confiscated at the turnstiles on Sunday. "It will be the normal search policy," said a Liverpool spokesperson.

Rafael Benítez, who refused to use Bent's goal as an excuse for Liverpool's fourth league defeat of the season, has no intention of asking for the Sunderland match to be replayed. Precedent exists for replaying matches when a referee has erred over a goal but the Liverpool manager said: "A lot of people are saying this but we will not be asking for a replay."


Man United Dave said...

Keith - it's not the game itself that can't be taken seriously, it's the people that run it!

Pete said...

I think if it was a genuine, single, co-ordinated incident it could actually be bloody hilarious!

The problem is that that fixture is always a fraught one, and it doesn't take much to kick off unpleasantness. You'd maybe get away with it without bloodshed at Goodison, but not at Anfield.

I'll be glad when the game is over.