Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The gota fria (English style)

We came over from Manchester to the Wirral yesterday. The forecast for rain wasn't wrong, it rained all day only easing off for a few moments now and again.

First off we visited Pam's father who we are pleased to report looked very well, better than he had looked the last time Pam visited him.

He didn't recognise me aat first and wisely wasn't going to let me into the house. It was only when he saw Pam that he realised who I was.

Pam's father is a little confused. For examplw, in the kitchen, he'd poured himself a brandy but was having problems with the top on the Spanish bottle. I showed him how to release the ball inside the pourer by shaking it. With a decent measure in the glass, he then told me he hadn't wanted a brandy. I couldn't drink it because I was driving so he downed it in one. Clearly he is not that confused.

It was good to see hjm in such fine spirits though. At 86 years of age, he is doing well and will probably still have a good few years left in him. We hope so because we'd like him to have at least some time with his great grandchild.

Now to the gota fria bit.

When we arrived at Greasby to visit our friends Hugh, Angela and Andrew, the heavens opened. It very much reminded us of the Monday when we tried to go down to Torrevieja and had to turn back. The only difference was that the drainage system herein Greasby is designed to cope with heavy rain so the roads didn't flood.

Just like in Spain, today, following the rain, it is sunny again today.

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