Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Arousing suspicion

IMG_0588This plot of land, just round the corner from our house, has laid vacant for six years. On the plan for the estate, it is designated for building two houses.

Last week, the plot was cleared and this week there is a fence going up to keep people off. What does that mean?

You might assume that building will commence soon but apparently not. The owner has to sell two other houses before he can start to build. When he does though, he intends to build one of the houses for himself. So, when that eventually happens, we will have another Spanish neighbour to practice our language with.

Down the road towards the town, there is similar work going on at the crossroads. The land there has also been cleared and a similar fence is going up. Does that mean that there will be building work going on there as well? Who knows, only time will tell.

Of course it may be that these people are just complying with local ordinances and that nothing further will happen with these plots of land.   

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