Saturday, June 19, 2010

General strike in September

The two main workers unions in Spain - UGT and CCOO - have called a general strike throughout Spain for September 29th to protest against the labour reforms set out by the government.

The leaders of both unions; Camilo Méndez (UGT) and Ignacio Fernández Toxo (CCOO) had warned the government they would call the industrial action if the cabinet ordered a decree that made dismissals cheaper for employers.

On Monday, after reviewing the draft presented to them over the weekend, Sres Méndez and Fernández Toxo announced the reform does exactly what they had warned against and therefore the strike would be called.

The government are of course between a rock and a hard place. They have to do something to ease the economic situation and whatever they do will be unpalatable. It is all too easy to blame governments for these problems but the truth is we are all at fault for our greed in the past. It is our higher wage demands and our desire for spiralling house prices that have created the crisis just as much as poor government policies.

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