Friday, June 04, 2010

Muchisimo gracias

Raquel Whenever I do a favour for a friend, it is my way of thanking them for who they are and what they may have done for me. I never, ever expect something back in return.

So, when I took copies of this print down to Juan Diaz, it was to thank his daughter Raquel for the wonderful concert she had performed for us.

IMG_3215 I can only assume that Juan, his wife and his mother in law were pleased with the photos because yesterday afternoon they brought this huge “tarta de queso” up to our house.

After it had cooled (it hadn’t long been made) we put it in the fridge. Then later, we enjoyed large slices of it as a dessert. Thankfully, there is plenty left for tonight and tomorrow.

Eating this cheesecake was the most delicious experience. The texture was so even and light; the balance of flavours between the slightly tart cake and the sweet jam was just perfect. We enjoyed every mouth watering crumb.

I’ve said it before, Bigastro might have a few faults but the people of the town are just wonderful. Juan was one of the first we met because Pam and I desperately needed haircuts after a couple of months of living here. Then, through Juan, we met his daughter Raquel, who is a highly talented and delightful young lady and later on his wife and his mother in law.

Since then we have got to know many others who have turned out to be equally generous and helpful. To take a few photographs and write about them on my blog is the least I can do in return for their warmth and kindness.

At this point I would like to make special mention of Germán Martin at the Ayuntamiento because without his help, most of these photographs would just simply sit on my computer never to be seen by anyone else. Having them published on the town’s web site has brought us in touch with a lot more bigastrense and for that we are very grateful.

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