Saturday, June 19, 2010

The main task

The big job for us is to try and sort out Pam’s father’s home.

This is not being made easy by the fact that Pam’s parents seem to have never thrown anything that they ever owned away including every important piece of paperwork they ever received.

On first inspection, the house is very tidy but then when you open cupboards, drawers, wardrobes etc you find them filled with all the evidence of their lives.

This is a kitchen cupboard that you might expect to hold cups, pans, packets of food – the normal things you find in kitchens. Instead it is jammed full of all manner of things. The motto, “out of sight – out of mind” is fine until you actually come to want something, then it is just impossible to find and very difficult for anyone else to try and sort out.

In our home in Bigastro, we have a policy of going through cupboards like this at least twice a year, throwing out anything which is no longer relevant. Hopefully, if we keep on top of the job, our children won’t face a task like this in years to come.

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Maz said...

It is a very emotional job when you have to sort out your parents home. You also tend to have a guilty feeling as if you are prying into their private lives.

Good luck on your task and hopefully seeing lots of your grandaughter will make up for the task in hand.