Saturday, June 19, 2010

It isn’t getting any better

If we were disappointed with England’s showing against the USA then last night they surpassed themselves

Last night’s was a performance as poor as England have shown under Fabio Capello’s leadership, a stumbling, error-strewn catalogue of misplaced passes and inept tactical thinking. Indeed, it was so poor that it prompted a first for this World Cup.

As the referee blew the final whistle you could hear the collective booing of disappointed England fans.  After the incessant honking of the vuvuzelas, it was almost reassuring to hear a sound that did not emanate from the end of a plastic cone.

Statistically, England could still go through to the next round but what would be the point. If they can’t play any better than they did last night, then they don’t deserve to be in the final stages of the competition.

I think it is time for people in England  to take all those silly St George crosses of their cars. England football is no longer something to be proud of.

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