Sunday, June 13, 2010

You would not want to be this man

imageI don’t need to recount the sorry story of last night’s game between England and USA in the World Cup.

The England goalie, Green had no excuse, the ball travelled straight to him. He knelt down to get two hands behind the ball but then he took his eye off it and let it bounce off his palms and spin to his right and then behind him. Slowly, the ball rolled over Green’s line as he scrambled to stop it.

The score line wasn’t entirely Green’s fault though. After the early goal, England looked outclassed in the first half and only rallied around in the second half. However, it was a mistake he will never live down.

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Pete said...

The reason for the scoreline was clear Keith. No Everton players in the England team. The US team however, had two. I'd have been entirely happy for England to win, but I really wanted Landon Donovan to score. In his loan spell at Everton he proved himself to be skilful, humble, and a superb team player - everything we've not to expect from Americans. He's a fine player, and I really hope we see him back in an Everton shirt soon.