Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Each year, at the end of our Spanish course, we have a presentation which is now held in the Auditorium. The format of the presentation changes slightly each year. For this year we were honoured by the presence of Maria Antonio Guil Vegara, authoress of the book "La Olivera", whose house we had visited in May.

image As part of the proceedings, we enjoyed a visual resume of the year covering the work of all three of the adult education classes. Then we had the presentation of diplomas and reports. Some of us were called upon to say a few words about our courses. Finally the tables were laden with food and drink.
IMG_0603 Each of the classes presented their teachers with gifts to thank them for their efforts. Four of us, from the Spanish for Foreigners class, had been to Orihuela in the morning to buy presents for Ana -  our teacher. We’d just got back as the storm was unleashing its fury on the area and had to negotiate the 15cm deep yellow river back up to our house to hurriedly wrap the gifts ready for the afternoon. 

Pam and I would like to take the opportunity on this blog to publicly thank Ana, the Councillor for Education and the Town Hall for continuing with our classes this year. With a budget which is pushed to the limit, it must be very difficult to find the money for our course. However it is of enormous benefit to us and we do appreciate it a great deal.

We sincerely hope that the course will continue next year and look forward to meeting up with our fellow students in October.  

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