Saturday, June 26, 2010

Follow the band

image The Unión Musical de Bigastro will be playing at the Palau de la Música y Congresos de Valencia on the 4th of July and I should be there! I was invited by the President of the band to go along and take photographs but unfortunately I will still be in England on that day.

The program for the occasion is entitled "Bigastro Municipio Musical" (Bigastro Musical Municipality). It will trace part of the history, the traditions and the personality of a town identified for more than century by music.

Also, in celebration of the centenary of the birth Miguel Hernandez, the band will interpret "Elegía a un Poeta"composed by the the bigastrense musician D. Francisco Grau Vegara "Estampas de Iberia"

Five coaches will be travelling to Valencia taking over 300 people in support and as I said, I should be one of them!

I hope that the band enjoy a wonderful concert and that the audience show their appreciation. Sadly, the photographs they bring back, will not be mine.

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