Monday, June 07, 2010

Take to the skies

The airshow on the coast this weekend proved to be immensely popular. The beaches from Lo Pagan to Santiago de la Ribera were crowded with folks many of whom were peering up to the skies periodically to watch the magnificent men in their flying machines.

I’ve already posted some of my photos on Flickr which you can see here.

IMG_3639 This one amused me though.

I remember my mother making one of these things out of towelling in the sixties. It was her solution to the age old problem of how to be discreet when you change your costume on the beach.

I thought these had long gone out of fashion and that people these days either struggle with a towel or just go for it with gay abandon as I have seen many a person do on the beaches of Southern France.

I have to admit that this man did succeed in preserving his modesty so I suppose you could argue that the old solutions still work

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