Sunday, June 27, 2010

No pleasing some folk

Somehow the weather is never right in Britain. It is either too cold, too wet or too hot. At the moment it is apparently too hot and too dry.

The heat has been building up through the week to reach a peak this weekend. The highest temperature before this week was 28.8C at the end of May: this weekend it may exceed 30C.

For most of this past week it’s been dry throughout Britain. The lack of rain over the last few months is affecting northwest England, where river and reservoir levels continue to decline. The region has had six months of below average rainfall — the driest start to the year since 1929. There is already talk of hosepipe bans and even standpipes in the streets.

Don’t worry though, pollen sufferers and those in need of rain may find relief in the coming week. Many places will still be warm and dry, but Tuesday looks showery, and there are signs of more persistent and useful rain spreading in from the Atlantic later.

Guess what people will be complaining about then!

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