Thursday, June 26, 2014

Auditorium – a white elephant

The Auditorium in Bigastro was one of the vanguard projects of the socialist council.

Unfortunately, as times became hard, it became a millstone around the council’s neck. Not only did it cost a pretty penny to build, it costs a small fortune to clean, to heat in winter and cool in summer. It is vastly underused. In fact, apart from music students, it is pretty much empty for the whole day. At tea time, school children use the library to do their homework but of course they are now on summer holiday.

In order to cut down cost, the council have changed the opening hours. For July, it will be open from 8am until 2pm. It will also be open on Friday evenings if there is a demand and for August, it will be closed altogether. 

PS I keep using English expressions in my posts. Whilst my English readers will understand what I mean, the translation to Spanish must confuse local readers.

For example: a millstone around your neck! Just imagine the burden of having to drag around a heavy block of stone used to grind wheat into flour and you will understand better. A pretty penny is an expression meaning a lot of money and a white elephant means the auditorium is an expense that the town could well do without

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