Sunday, June 22, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday, I met up with the town priest. It seems he was most impressed with my DVD of "the Encuentro" and wondered if I would be kind enough to make a video of Corpus Christi.

Last night was the concert for Corpus Christi so I had photos of that to process this morning. Then I hot footed down to the town to take some video of them drawing out the floral carpet in the square by the church. They apparently started at 7am and so were well under way by 9am when I got there.

Back home for breakfast and then more work on my photos which are now online. Having finished those, I went back to the town to video the people filling in the outlines. By the time I got there the centre part of the carpet was finished and looked amazing. They were working on the surround filling in with chopped up pieces of pine.

At 8pm, Pam and I will go down to see the dancing that follows Holy Mass and the candle lit procession around the town - more video.

Over the next few days I will edit the video together and finally burn it onto a DVD. I hope the priest and the parishioners like it!

I am taking a few stills as I go along so you should see something of the day's events tomorrow sometime.

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