Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What will happen?

The abdication of Juan Carlos has sparked the debate about whether the monarchy should remain in Spain. Tens of thousands took to the streets when they heard the news to demand a referendum; 20,000 in the Puerta del Sol, Madrid and thousands more in the Catalunya Square in Barcelona. There have also been several online petitions one of which has already gathered 113,000 signatures. As you might expect, the extreme left party, Podemos is very active in this regard.

What of Crown Prince Felipe though?

His is the third child of the King but because of the laws of succession in Spain, he is first in line to the throne ahead of his two sisters.

Filipe is fluent in English, French, Catalan and Spanish. He has a law degree from Madrid and a Masters from Georgetown University in Washington, US. He underwent three years of military training in Spain and is currently a lieutenant colonel in the General Arms Corps Army (Infantry), captain of frigate General Corps of the Navy and Lieutenant Colonel of the General Corps of the Air Force.

He currently covers an average of 320 official events, takes 14 trips abroad, gives 62 speeches and receives about 1,300 visitors a year. Clearly, Filipe is well prepared for the role of King.

I very much doubt that the government will allow a referendum on the subject of succession. Memories of the last republic and the time of Franco will surely prevent the idea of a return to that era. 

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