Monday, June 23, 2014

Totally stupid

Between taking video of the people filling in the outlines on the floral carpet and going back down into the town to take video of the procession, I decided to make some changes to the settings on my video camera.

What I wanted to do was set the camera so I could make adjustments to the white balance on the fly. I knew that the light would change from the cold light of evening to street lighting and wanted to be be able to compensate for that rather than let the camera do it for me.

What I managed to do was set everything to manual – focus, white balance, exposure etc. As I started to shoot more video, I quickly realised that the exposure was all wrong and so I quickly reset that but missed resetting the focus – DOH!

What that meant was that all the video of the children coming out of the church and part of the procession is out of focus and can’t be used. I am totally gutted and really annoyed with myself. Like a wedding, these sort of events cannot be repeated. If you miss the shots, then that is gone for good.

Thankfully, I noticed the problem when I was taking shots on Calle Purisima and was able to correct it so I didn’t mess up everything.

Lesson learnt the hard way, leave the settings on the camera alone in future!

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