Monday, June 30, 2014

Hoping for a pest free summer

Drought is a real problem for this area of Spain. However there are some benefits to having no rain, the main one being that mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs in. Without the puddles that appear after rainstorms, the insects simply can't breed. 

Since there has been very little rain, there have been very few reports of problems with the little biters. It is possible that we can get through the summer with very few infestations which is a relief.

The other problem that we face are infestations of cockroaches. The council have already been around the estate and dropped chemical bombs into the drains to try and control these invasive insects. They also control the rat population by applying poisons in the drains that will rid us of those rodents as well.

Last year we saw several rats in our garden, usually on top of the wall that divides us from our neighbours. There was also evidence of their presence when I left a crate of oranges by the shed because they had been gnawing holes in the fruit.  

Thankfully, since then there have been no sightings of rats and indeed I found one dead in the far corner of the garden so someone has obviously been putting down poison for them. 

There is little we can do to stop the wasps from coming down to the pool for a drink and we still have legions of ants in spite of spraying regularly. 

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