Monday, June 09, 2014

Market for stolen goods

Local and national police worked together yesterday to dismantle an illegal market set up on the road to Benferri just outside of Orihuela. The owner of the land had sought permission to hold the market but that had been denied. Still he went ahead and charged a few euros each to the stall holders. Many of the 24 vendors, mostly North Africans and Algerians, were believed to be selling stolen items.

Although no arrests were made, 150 people were identified and various items on sale were seized. Amongst the food, clothing, footwear, household and sports equipment were cameras, phones and computers all of which carry serial numbers which the police can check.

As you might imagine, none of the sellers had licenses and those selling food, alcohol and tobacco had no permits to sell such items. Neither, of course could they explain the origin of the items on sale. Once the investigations are complete, arrests will follow.

I know this sounds moralistic but if people were not tempted to buy stolen and counterfeit goods, the market for them would dry up.

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