Thursday, June 12, 2014

Will the parties pull together?

Political deadlock in Bigastro could mean the town missing out on 450,000 euros of funding from the Plan of Works and Services. The deadline for submission is June 17th.

The mayor, Charo Bañuls  lists the jobs that she considers most urgent:

  • Paving in the cemetery – whenever it rains, the soil and gravel turns into a quagmire.
  • Changing rooms at the sports centre – three years ago these had to be closed when the suspended floor collapsed.
  • Finishing off the work on Calle Purisima – replacing the rest of the cobbles with tarmac
  • Other streets in need of improvement include San José, Sagrado Corazón, Maestro Grau, Maestro José Nieto, Avenida Valencia and Avenida Europa.
  • The Acequia Alquibla also needs work to stop the flooding of nearby houses whenever it rains.
  • Finally, the fountain in the Plaza de la Constitución is an eyesore that needs sorting out.

Without the support of the other parties though, these jobs will still be up in the air after the extraordinary council meeting next week.

No doubt, the socialists and the liberals will have their lists of priorities which will be different from those of the PP. Let us hope that they find some common ground to prevent the funding from being lost. 

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