Saturday, June 14, 2014

Is it the end of an era?

I hardly need to point out that Spain lost its opening match in the World Cup to Holland by 5 goals to 1. The last time they were beaten this way was in 1950.

Many would say that the team is too old, Del Bosque would prefer to call them mature. Xavi is 34 and 7 of the squad are over 30. Only one player in the team is from La Liga champions, Atletico Madrid, 7 of the players are from the struggling Barcelona side and none of Real Madrid’s attacking players are Spanish.

Spain came back from a first game defeat last time and won the World Cup.  This time it looks very different. The sad fact is that, Spain’s run of success, winning the Europa Cup twice and the World Cup once, may now be over. Another win in Brasil would have lifted Spaniards sprits. From last night’s performance, that won’t happen.

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