Friday, June 20, 2014

Ladies behaving badly

First we saw the sorry state of the ladies at Aintree, now it is the turn of the lades at Ascot. Liverpool or Berkshire, it is the same story wherever these race meetings are held.

“How was your day out at the races?”  Reply, “I don’t remember.” Maybe these pictures from the Daily Mail will help.

 article-2662351-1EEDF7C900000578-705_964x617  article-2662351-1EEDFC6700000578-927_964x742
Litter louts Sleeping it off
 article-2662351-1EEE3E3800000578-255_964x1076  article-2663179-1EE44DDA00000578-204_964x1168
In need of attention Now that is classy
 article-2663179-1EEDF6EC00000578-478_964x671  article-2663179-1EEDFC8200000578-592_964x669
She even posed for the camera As did this lady

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