Sunday, November 26, 2006

Before Christmas please!

I'm getting quite excited about the prospect of getting a phone especially since Telefonica have now upgraded their ADSL package to 3Mbs. There is a site in English which explains the package including costs at:-

Basically there is a one off fee of 162,01€ which includes the optional Domo phone (cost 33,06€). The phone line rental is 15,64€ per month plus 3€ for ADSL until 31st January then 40,90€ per month after that = 56,54€ total per month (£38.45). Not bad when you consider we are paying 40,60€ at the moment for just a 1Mb internet connection.

Mainly for Villas Andrea residents.

The phone comes with instructions in Spanish but you can download instructions in English

One thing that the instructions don't tell you though is how to change the language on the display to English. This is how you would do it.

Your phone has an automatic pass code of "0000". You will need this to change the language to English

Instructions for changing the language [idioma] to English. Pick up the phone and press the [Mensajes] button or just wait
Press 1 to enter personal options
Press 4 to change language
Dial access code 0000
Press 3 for foreign language
Press 1 for English
Press 1 to confirm

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