Friday, November 24, 2006

Update on Pops

Following on from my post on the 15th. I'm pleased to say that Pops is very well and is now much happier in his new surroundings. His mobility has improved a lot, he is being well fed and cared for.

For the moment they are going to keep him where he is. There is no longer any question of him returning to his house in Cawthorne. Once suitable alternative accommodation is available we can consider that as an option but only if it fits all the requirements.

It hasn't been easy to get this far and my brother Brian has had to fight hard to get justice for Pops. The rest of the family therefore owe Brian a great debt of gratitude for all the work he has done not to mention the endless journeys he has had to make from Heaton Moor.

There are still a lot of issues to sort out but at least Pops is in a much better state than he was. As I said to Brian, who knows Pops may still get his telegram from the Queen.

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