Thursday, November 02, 2006

Christmas present

The girls have bought me a digital camera for Christmas. I already had a Canon Digital Ixus for that job but Laura borrowed it early this year and I can't see me getting it back.

Actually to save currency problems we buy our own presents so my camera is coming from Pixmania in Spain. Ordinarily it should have arrived yesterday by DHL but of course the 1st November is All Saints Day, a public holiday in Spain. Traditionally on this day families visit the local cemetery to pay respect to their departed friends and family. They take flowers and candles housed in red plastic pots. The older people even take chairs so they can sit. Of course everyone is dressed in their Sunday best.

Last year we decided to go along to see the flowers but felt very much under dressed in shorts and t-shirts. So this year, rather than embarrass ourselves we stayed at home and did some jobs.

Anyway hopefully the camera will arrive today if the driver can find our road.

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